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Segorbe: history, culture and nature

Segorbe is located only 4 km. away from our campsite and it's the capital of the Alto Palancia region. Due to the proximity between Segorbe and Navajas, you will be able to visit the old quarter of the town, the museums and enjoy the charm of this beautiful town.
Street map of Segorbe.
Brochure Segorbe Puerta Abierta.
Brochure Segorbe Culture.
Brochure Segorbe Nature.

Entrance of Bulls and Horses

The famous Entrance of Bulls and Horses takes place on the second week of the patron saint's days of Segorbe, at the beginning of September.
This amazing exhibition goes back to the 14th century. A herd of bulls is guided by a dozen men on horseback through the street. All the people look at this spectacle on the street by forming a human barrier.
The Entrance of Bulls and Horses was declared Festivity of Tourist Interest on 2005.
During the festive week, a lot of acts take place: bullfighting acts, the Feria del Jamón y el Embutido Artesano de Segorbe (sale of drinks, ham and cold meat of Segorbe in the street), orchestras, night festivals, ...
For those who can't go to the Entrance of Bulls and Horses, they have the chance to feel this amazing experience in the Entrance of Bulls and Horses Interpretation Centre.
Entrace of Bulls and Horses brochure.

50 caños Fountain

The Fuente de los 50 caños (fountain with 50 spouts)is located near Segorbe and next to the Palancia river. There is a restaurant, tables and benchs. It is a beautiful place in the middle of nature with a lot of shadow. On each spout of the fountain there is the coat of each province of Spain.

Sopeña walk

A perfect place to walk and enjoy the beautiful views of the Palancia river valley and the Sierra de Espadán. Situated in the high area of Segorbe, is a place where it is possible to go for a walk and feel the pine’s scent until you arrive to the castle hill or Sopeña.


You will be able to visit different monuments of historic interest in Segorbe: the Estrella Castle, the Cárcel Tower, the Medieval Walls , the Verdugo Tower, the Medieval Aqueduct, the Verónica Arch and the City Hall.


There are several museums in Segorbe: the Towers Interpretation Centre in Segorbe , the Archaeology and Ethnology Museum , the Cathedral Museum, the Museo del Aceite and the Entrance of Bulls and Horses Interpretation Centre.

Segorbe museums

Museo de Arqueología y Etnología
Museo Catedralicio
Museo del Aceite
Museo del Aceite
Museo del Aceite
Centro de Interpretación Entrada de Toros y Caballos
Centro de Interpretación Entrada de Toros y Caballos
Centro de Interpretación Entrada de Toros y Caballos


The building of the Cathedral of Segorbe started in the 12nd century and it was built against the southern wall of the city.
The cathedral is made up of the Temple, the Bell Tower, the Cloister and the Cathedral Museum.

Segóbriga Park

Segóbriga Park is a small waterpark located on the top of the San Blas mountain in Segorbe. Both adults and children will enjoy the facilities of this park.

Segóbriga Park brochure.
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