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Homepage / Tourist Information / Navajas and surroundings


Navajas is a beautiful village located in the heart of the Alto Palancia region, in the province of Castellón. There is train connection to Valencia and Castellón. The train station is only 500 metres away from our campsite.


The village of Navajas is ofmuslimorigin, the centre of the village is presented by a moorish layout and majestic villas of the 18th century with impeccable gardens.

Due to its privileged location and good climate, Navajas has been the summer resort for the Valencian tourism from the 18th century.

The historic centre is presented by narrow and high streets which shows its Moorish layout.


Street map of Navajas.

  • Town Council
    Town Council

    The new town hall was an old residential house like many others in the village. The house has been renovated and it has become a suitable place for a town council. It has a new garden of public access.

  • Manolo Rodríguez Museum
    Manolo Rodríguez Museum

    The museum of the sculptor Manolo Rodríguez is located in Navajas, specifically in the Tourism Office building, in the Olmo Square.

    Manolo Rodríguez, born in Navajas and graduated in the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Valencia, has carried out a sculptural activity with monuments in different towns in Spain and even abroad.

  • Tourist ifo Office
    Tourist ifo Office

    The Tourist info Office in Navajas is located in the Olmo Square. The Manolo Rodríguez museum is situated in the same building.


    Plaza del Olmo nº 1

    Tel. +34 964 71 39 13 / +34 964 71 08 01


    E-mail: navajas@touristinfo.net

    Twitter: @TurismoNavajas

    Instagram: turismonavajas




    Monday-Friday: from 10 am. to 13:30 p.m.

  • Olmo Square
    Olmo Square

    It is the main square of the village. There is a big thousand-year-old elm. Around this Elm take place a lot of festivities of the village, such as the bull festivities.

  • Villas in Navajas
    Villas in Navajas

    Walking through Navajas you can see the majestic villas of the 18th century with its gardens. Since then, Navajas has been the summer resort for many people from the Valencian Community because of its climate and abundant water

  • Hanging houses
    Hanging houses

    Due to the location of the village, next to the Palancia river bed, an erosion of the mountain took place in a natural way. People started building there and actually we have these houses, which are practically hanging on the mountain cornice.

  • Natural fountains
    Natural fountains

    By following the Palancia river it is possible to visit different natural fountains which flow towards the river. Some of these fountains are located near the waterfall (Salto de la Novia). The rest of them can be visited by doing an excursion along the river bed.

  • Esperanza Spring
    Esperanza Spring

    The Esperanza Spring, which supplies the villages of Navajas, Segorbe and Altura with water for their daily consumption and irrigation, is located on a mountain side. On its high part, you will find the ruins of the Orden de los Jerónimos Monastery (15th century) and, near it, the Esperanza Hermitage.

  • Arabic-origin tower
    Arabic-origin tower

    This Arabic Tower of the 11st century is located next to our campsite. It is cylindrical in shape and it has battlements in shape of a crown. The body of the tower has 5 floors and we access to them by some stairs.

Paradise viewpoint

In the path towards the Palancia river bed, where "El Salto de la Novia" is located, we find a spot set in the mountain. A path there leads us to a small waterfall and then we arrive to a beautiful place: "El Mirador del Paraiso". It is a calm place, surrounded by vegetation, where people like to go during summer days because of its nice temperature.

Image Gallery of Navajas

Discover the charm of Navajas.

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